IT Security Auditing Services

Fortify your IT systems against malicious attackers.
It’s important to strengthen your company’s cyber resilience and ensure your IT systems are fortified against potential harm.

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Security Resilience with eivolo

Early Stage Detection

Understand, analyze, measure and monitor security risks that exist or may exist within your solution. This process is crucial for any system to ensure early detection of security-related threats.

Boost security

At Eivolo, security is not an add-on, but rather a crucial component of any system architecture, system development and implementation process, or code being generated or already generated. This guarantees maximum security on all levels.

Reveal vulnerabilities

Whether intentionally or non-intentionally, security vulnerabilities should always be researched and uncovered before malicious users do. Doing so guarantees a proper system reputation and maximizes trust.

Around 98% of the web apps that have been tested are Vulnerabe to Cyber Attacks

Cybercrime will cost the world $US 6 trillion annually by end of 2021

Our Security Audit Services

We offer a comprehensive security consulting service that can assist you in making the decisions that will secure your company’s IT systems for years to come. Take the first step to building your business’ cyber resilience today.

Cybersecurity Consultancy

We provide businesses with expert advice on various security topics, including:

  • Company-wide cybersecurity policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Solution-oriented cybersecurity policies, procedures and guidelines
  • Process-specific cybersecurity policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Security-related cyber strategies and best-practice cybersecurity standards

Cybersecurity Auditing & Risk Assessment

As part of our auditing service, we use tools and our vast set of skills to inspect and evaluate your organisation’s current standing from a security perspective including your current cybersecurity policies, procedures and processes.
This covers your cybersecurity compliance through to processes, communications, standards, certifications and more. Our service extends the analysis spectrum to cover risk-based assessment of various organisational threats while providing proper measures and counter-measures to maintain assurance, build a comprehensive security program and mitigate any future problems.

Ethical Penetration Testing

Our ethical penetration testing service attempts to test the defences of a given solution or software through various techniques that malicious attackers may use.
This offers businesses a complete evaluation report on the strengths and capabilities of your software or solutions.
This ensures that security requirements and objectives are met at the highest standards.

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