Technical Talent Outsourcing

Whether you need to setup a new TechDev team or scale up your existing one, all you need is to get in touch and we’ll help you source the right talent to get the job done.
We provide advice on the most cost-efficient setup for short or long-term projects and even manage the team, if your business requires it.

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Outsourcing Benefits

We recognise how difficult it can be to source experienced local talent, which is why we offer access to some of the brightest technical professionals from all over the world.

Client-managed outsourcing

If you already have a well-established team and extensive technical knowledge, we can help with your outsourcing needs. 

Drawing on our extended industry networks, we can act as a recruiter, sourcing you the best talent from all over the world at a sustainable cost. This can allow you to implement a variety of technological solutions without seeing projects blow out over budget or over time. 

End-to-end outsourcing

We offer an end-to-end outsourcing service for clients that require more assistance in discovering tech talent. 

Perhaps you don’t have a thorough understanding of the resources needed to support your complex project, or simply don’t have the time or resources to commit to recruiting.


Eivolo works with a variety of different technologies, offering our clients the utmost flexibility.
A frequent mistake that businesses make is choosing unsuitable technologies that do not allow results to manifest quickly or at all. Unfortunately, this results in clients having to reinvest in alternative solutions that are stable and scalable.

At Eivolo, we make sure that your solutions are produced using a stable technology stack, while taking extra care in initially selecting the most appropriate technology, which gives you the ability to evolve and maintain your solution over an extended period of time.

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