Eivolo For Startups

In a face-paced world that we live in today, great ideas need to evolve quickly into workable solutions.

With Eivolo, not only do you gain access to a diverse pool of the best TechDev talents from across the globe, but we provide you with all the necessary resources to progress rapidly and securely towards the launch of your solution.

Don’t waste your time pondering. Let us help you make the world a better and a more interesting place!

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What’s Included?

We understand the financial restrictions that start-ups are often limited by, as well as their need for technical advisory, as they may lack the technical expertise to navigate the digital world.

At Eivolo, we can bridge the gap between you and the digital world, and seamlessly translate your ideas into the online space.

Discovery Sessions

  • Choosing the most suitable architecture & technologies for your solution.
  • Providing guidance and project planning based on your budget restrictions.
  • Providing policies, procedures and guidelines to adopt while producing POC or MVP.
  • Offering an understanding of the development process.

We advise on the best available solutions from the start to avoid any rework in the future, which is the main cause for loss of time and increase in costs.

CTO / CIO Services

We also provide a more comprehensive consultancy service, where we can act as a CTO / CIO for your solution, if needed. This will not only help in navigating the issues already mentioned, but will also help cover any CTO-related gaps within the organisation itself and help with critical tasks, such as:

  • Selection of crucial user stories that should be part of the MVP.
  • Optimisation of technical operational versus the technical team costs.
  • Assisting in leading the technical objectives of the company.
  • Assisting in managing your start up technical budget.
  • Researching, advising, planning, supervising and monitoring technical decisions versus start-up goals.

Project Management

We can work with you in an advisory capacity, implicitly supervising team performance while your solution is being produced to help assist you not only during the selection phase, but also during the implementation and production phases.

Our services can provide you with the clarity you need to create the building blocks for success and eventually meet your business objectives.
This will help you grow your start-up successfully and sustainably.


Scalable Solutions


Ongoing Support


1-2 weeks



  • Process

    Besides a working product, we provide documentation that describes a product's functionality and technical specification. In addition, you receive our support with business aspects of your startup.


    Get to Know

    • Signing NDA & defining the project needs
    • Define project scope & goals
    • Signing Engagement
    • Technical and functional specification document
  • 2

    Planning & Preparation

    • Define success metrics & KPI’s
    • Generate Main user stories
    • Kick Off project theme & UX generation
  • 3


    • Setting up development process
    • Setup Quality Assurance Plan
    • Initiate project development
    • Initiate QA work
  • 4

    Monitor & Control

    • Sprint Retro & Sprint Planning
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Metrics & KPI optimization
    • Release management
    • Feedback gathering & analysis

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